Two border collie puppies

Updated: Mar 10

My day usually starts before 5:00 am when we have puppies living in the house. At 13 weeks old they are crate and potty trained and have learned to hold-it through the night. I try to limit their water after 6:00 pm and keep them active until 9:30 or 10:00 pm before I put them to bed for the night. Seriously though, keeping two very active border collie puppies properly engaged so that they are not destructive is a lot of work. Even though I'm naturally a morning person, I've adjusted my sleep patterns to match theirs for the time being.

Although litter-mates, these two puppies have very different personalities. The little girl, Meadow, is very spunky and a little on the mischievous side. She's super smart and knows exactly when she is being naughty! She even has that little devilish look in her eye when I try to redirect her from something she shouldn't be doing (like eating my carpet!). The little boy, Coast, is what I call a thinker. He is slower to jump into anything without thinking about it first but when he learns something, it's solid. He is super sweet, loving, charming, eager to please and has a calm disposition.

Each day we practice some basic obedience (we mix it up so that they don't get bored with it) and then we introduce something new. Today we practiced back-up to a target, line-up, touch, and then we played a short time with the rolling Frisbee. Coast is bringing the Frisbee back to me, Meadow needs more time with that process. I always like to end all training sessions with a short (high-valued) play session. They both get 3 meals a day and they now have a solid 3-5 second wait until released when the food is placed in front of them.

Over-all these puppies are such a joy to have around. My house never gets cleaned, but right now but that's not the priority.

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