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Jennifer Godwin Minto


With over 35 years working as a professional photographer and owning my own studio in San Marino, California, I'm now also enjoying the wonderful world of canine portraits and sports photography. My career has taken me from photographing families, children, executives, weddings, special events, and political events to teaching high school photography as well as photographing all of the sports and school events for the past 24 years. Although I no longer photograph weddings, I still enjoy taking portraits of many families, business portraits and graduating seniors in and around my community.

One of the things that I like most about being a photographer is the evolution if it. Meaning, during my lifetime I have photographed weddings, portraits and events using a medium format film camera, a Hasselblad, with a manual strobe unit. I even enjoyed the hands-on process of developing my own film and images in a darkroom. Now in the digital age where everything is instant, I have grown to enjoy photographing nature and finding the unique perspective of story telling in a more simplistic way using shadows, silhouettes, leading lines and movement. So, in short, my style has evolved over the ever changing times of photography and I can't wait to see where it takes me next!.

In my spare time I enjoy competing in dog sports with my border collies, traveling and making custom dog leashes.

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